Selected Chapters from J. Krishnamurti's Commentaries on Living, Vol. 1 Read by Terence Stamp

"This silence is not of the mind, and so the mind cannot cultivate or become identified with it. The content of this silence is not to be measured by words"

The Unconditioned Mind, by David Moody
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"The Unconditioned Mind tells a universal story about a truly extraordinary being. Moody draws vivid pictures of Krishnamurti, the people he gathered around him, and the quality of their relationships with him and with one another."
The Quotable Krishnamurti
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Here for the first time is an alphabetized collection of Krishnamurti's brilliant insights, offered in compassion to jolt us into awareness.
Discover The Immeasurable
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This series of six lectures given by J. Krishnamurti in Hamburg, Germany in 1956, are based on the need for radical change in relationship to our minds. He explains: 'To understand the immeasurable, which is to enter into a different world altogether, we must understand this world in which we live, this world which we have created and of which we are a part-the world of ambition, greed, envy, hatred, the world of separation, fear and lust. That means we must understand ourselves, the unconscious as well as the conscious, and this is not very difficult if you set your mind to it.'
Revolutionary Minds
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In his first book, Paul Herder tackles Krishnamurti's iconoclastic educational philosophy. Since first being introduced to progressive educational practices in graduate school, Herder has tried to unlock the deeper potential of collaborative, inquiry-based approaches to learning.
The Ending of Time (New Edition)
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The topics include: The Roots of Psychological Conflict; Cleansing the Mind of the Accumulation of Time; and Breaking the Pattern of Ego-centered Activity.
Think on These Things Syllabus
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This is a fully developed syllabus for an inquiry-based program for high school and college students, with the goal of creating a space for authentic exploration of fundamental questions. This syllabus is ultimately geared towards opening up new avenues of exploration within existing classroom structures, and provides materials and lesson plans that are intended to be integrated into the current curriculum and educational paradigm, while facilitating the space and opportunities for new possibilities to emerge in conversation and in the interrelationships between students and teachers.

The syllabus book contains a variety of suggestions, and helpful information for those interested in working it into their classrooms. The book contains numerous lesson plans, as well as information regarding the practical application of the lesson plans and discussions.

Publisher: Krishnamurti Educational Center
Authors: Willem Zwart, MA, MA (Ed); Jacob Sluijter, Amanda Lezra
Copyright ©2014 Krishnamurti Foundation of America
77 pp, paper
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Beauty has a way of stopping the chatter that ebbs and flows between our ears, the worries, images and beliefs.
The Challenge of Change
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The definitive feature-length documentary of Krishnamurti's life released for the first time on DVD.
The World Within
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The World Within: You Are the Story of Humanity

During the Second World War (1939-1945) Krishnamurti did not speak publicly in the United States but lived quietly in Ojai, CA. People sought him out and came to dialogue with him on many issues of the times or their own personal dilemmas. Their problems were universal human problems and each made true his statement “You are the world”. As Krishnamurti unwound the tight threads of their thinking and feeling the core or source of a concern was revealed unadorned and without blame or guilt.
Real Revolution CD Series -Complete Set Discs 1-10
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Krishnamurti’s talks in Ojai, California in 1966 are made available in entirety for the first time in this new ten-disc CD series.

Here, he penetrates deeply into a variety of subjects, challenging the listener to investigate intelligently, without motive or preconception, into the “vast field of life”.

Ten Disc Set

On Krishnamurti's Teachings
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The collected writings, talks and classroom discussions of Allan W. Anderson on the teachings of J. Krishnamurti.
Beyond Myth and Tradition
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The series of 12 thirty-minute topic based programs are now available on DVD. Each program consists of selected clips of Krishnamurti on the given topic as well and subtitled quotations amidst film of natural beauty and meditative music.

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On Being Conditioned

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Krishnamurti: In the various talks the speaker has given he has used the word 'insight'. That is, to see into things, into the whole movement of thought, into the whole movement, for example, of jealousy. To perceive the nature of greed, to see the whole content of sorrow. Not analysis, not exercise of intellectual capacity, nor is it the result of knowledge, knowledge being that which has been accumulated through the past as experience, stored up in the brain, therefore knowledge always goes with ignorance.

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