Madras 1981/82 Talk 6

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We should consider together meditation, which is really very complex and has great depth of meaning.  It demands first that we put our house in order, which is so disorderly.  And one of the causes of this disorder is our brain is always chattering, there is never a moment of quietness. Is it possible to bring complete order without any compulsion, without any pressure, without these two principles acting: reward and punishment?

We are asking is there an intelligence which is not born out of knowledge, not born out of experience, not born out of tremendous analysis, because all those are limited? That is also part of meditation: to find out for yourself if there is an action which is totally intelligent, so that there are no regrets, no fears, it is a total complete activity of intelligence.

Throughout the ages man has sought something which is beyond time, which is beyond thought, beyond all experience, something totally the origin of all things. We are inquiring into a religious mind: a mind that is functioning where thought is necessary and perceiving an intelligence which is not based on thought. What is that perception? Compassion has its own intelligence; it is passion born out of suffering, or rather the ending of suffering. When there is the ending of suffering totally then that ending brings this quality of compassion.  And the intelligence of compassion is not born out of thought. With that intelligence we are observing what is meditation: no systems, no practice, no sense of obeying somebody to lead you somewhere else. There must be complete freedom. In meditation there is no becoming, nor being. But when there is order, this intelligence of compassion, then the mind, the whole brain, becomes astonishingly quiet. When there is this quality of absolute silence and space there is that which is not measurable by words: and this is meditation. And in that meditation there is something totally utterly sacred which can never be put into words. And our life, our daily life, if one has comprehended all this, is totally transformed: this is meditation.

Madras January 10, 1982 Talk 6

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