Madras 1981/82 Talk 5

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What is the nature of a mind that demands - perceiving the confusion, the utter degeneracy of the world that is taking place now - what is the quality of a mind that demands a radical change? We are talking about fundamental, psychological transformation necessary to bring about a new culture, a new religion, totally disconnected with all the present religious entertainment. One of the basic demands of a psychological change is integrity. Integrity means innocence, a mind that has not been touched by corruption.

Also we should talk over together the nature of compassion, love.  And we ought to talk over together death: time, desire, thought, fear of the future, which is death.  We ought to comprehend, understand, feel, have an insight into the nature of death; the dying, which is the ending.

If I understand the nature of fear, which is to understand desire, time and thought, if we understand the nature, the origin, the beginning of fear, and the causation of fear, there is an ending to fear.  In the same way if we understand the whole complex life, psychologically, inwardly, and all the causation of that, there is an ending of it. Death in its great meaning is to empty our consciousness of all its content.  Our consciousness is fear, greed, envy, ambitions, all that. We are that.  And to end it; not by will, not by decision, or through some form of compulsion, but to understand, to observe minutely, correctly all that is taking place in oneself.  And in that there is great beauty, and out of that comes great integrity, which is absolute, unshakeable at any time.  And when one understands death while one is living, there is something totally new taking place each day.

Madras January 9, 1982 Talk 5

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