Rishi Valley 1982 3rd Talk with Students

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[note: tape is labeled 'Students Talk 1 December 13, 1982' but checking the transcripts, it actually is the third talk that year, on Dec.16 - clearly indicated by the first student's comment, "Could we continue from where we left off last time?"]

From what the scientists, biologists and the archaeologists have said, man has evolved as he is now standing on two feet about 40,000 years ago, and our brain has evolved for a much longer period. And during all these forty centuries he has always been afraid. Here you are all being educated to become what? When you study engineering, which requires mathematics and so on, your study is programming you to become an engineer. Right? Also your brain is programmed to think that you are a Hindu or an Arab or a Jew or a Catholic. So your brain is mechanical. The computer is a far better instrument. But of course there is a great deal of difference between a machine and the brain. Now what makes the brain deteriorate? What will keep the brain young, fresh?  

Student: In our brain arise various contradictions, and I would say that the contradictions which arise in our brain are the causes for the deterioration of the brain.

K: One of the causes, perhaps the major causes of the deterioration of the brain is conflict. Would you agree to all that?... You have asked a question: how do I put an end to conflict? When you ask how, what does that mean? [S: You want a method.] When I follow a system, a method, and I repeat it over and over again. Which means what? That I am becoming more and more mechanical. [S: Does that mean there is another solution?] Not another solution. Stop being mechanical, then you are out of it. Then find out if you can live without conflict. If you do, then you are out of it. Your brain is not deteriorating. You understand this? Now what will you do to find out if you can live without conflict?

...S: If you want to decondition, can you negate the whole past?

K: Are you saying: I have been programmed for 40,000 years and as long as I am living in the world of programs, the brain must deteriorate?  Now, can't you get out of it?

Rishi Valley December 16, 1982 3rd Talk with Students

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