Ojai 1977 Talk 3

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How important it is, in a world that is becoming so utterly chaotic, that there should be, and there must be, human transformation - a great, deep psychological revolution. Because if we do not bring about that transformation, that revolution, psychologically, inevitably we will have more and more conflict, more and more wars and conflict in all relationship, whether intimate or superficial.

If one is to observe one's own deep layers of consciousness with all the struggles, the pains, the anxieties, the laughter, the tears and the ambition, and the mischief that's going on within oneself, to observe it, to be aware of it - and if one chooses, then the observation becomes, is distorted.

In our consciousness there are certain factors, which are the desire for power, position, and many hurts that we have received from childhood, wounds, deep psychological hurts.  Also in that consciousness there is the everlasting search for pleasure, and there is this enormous sense of fear.  Then also there is suffering, not only personal suffering, but the suffering of mankind, destruction, the enormous sense of sorrow. And in that consciousness also there is that thing which is called love, with all its jealousies, hurts, wounds, anger, violence, and so on.  And also there are innumerable beliefs, dogmas, ideas, conclusions.  And there is death, the fear of the unknown, fear of dying, coming to an end.

What is the root of fear?  The root of fear is time - the remembrance of pain which you had a week ago and not wanting it again. Fear is essentially, basically, fundamentally, a question of time. Time is movement, from here to there, it's a movement by the clock as well as psychologically.  Moving from 'what is' to 'what should be', that demands time. Time ceases when there is only 'what is'.  When one is violent, time is necessary to become non-violent. But when there is only violence, and not it's opposite, there is no time.  

Ojai April 9, 1977 Talk 3

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