Senility and the Brain Cells - Dialogue 9 with Prof David Bohm [ 1980 - Ending of Time series]

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Man's brain has been evolving through millennia upon millennia, yet it has come to this divisive, destructive point, which we all know. So I am wondering whether the human brain - not a particular brain, but the human brain - is deteriorating? Whether it is just in a slow and steady decline? Or whether it is possible in one's lifetime to bring about in the brain a total renewal from all this; a renewal that will be pristine, original, unpolluted?

K: Take yoga for example. It used not to be vulgarized, if I may use that word. It was kept strictly to the very few, who were not concerned about kundalini and all that, but who were concerned with leading a moral, ethical, so-called spiritual life. You see, I want to get at the root of this.
DB: It seems that before man was organized into society, he was living close to nature, and it was not possible to live in a routine. It was completely insecure.
K: So we are saying that the brain itself becomes extraordinarily alive - is not caught in a pattern - if it lives in a state of uncertainty?

K: I am questioning whether psychological knowledge is not in itself a factor of the shrinking of the brain.
DB: What do you mean by psychological knowledge?
K: Knowledge about myself, and living in that knowledge, and accumulating that knowledge...
Let's come back to the realization that any activity which is repeated, which is directed in the narrow sense, any method, any routine, logical or illogical, does affect the brain. We have understood that very clearly. Knowledge at a certain level is essential, but psychological knowledge about oneself, one's experiences, etc.  becomes routine. The images I have about myself also obviously become routine, and all that helps to bring about a shrinkage of the brain. I have understood all that very clearly. And any kind of occupation, apart from the physical occupation, brings about shrinkage of the brain.  Now how is this process to stop?  And if it does stop, will there be a renewal?

Brockwood Park June 1, 1980 Dialogue 9 with Prof David Bohm

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