What Is Love - Ojai 1977 Talk 5

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We are saying, is that the whole meaning of living? You bear children, you have pain, you struggle, you go through such misery, wars, hate each other, like each other, and suddenly end. So one says, then what is the meaning of living? You’re following all this? One is always asking – again, please listen – one is always asking, what happens after death? We are asking quite a different question: what is before death? Not what is after death. You understand what I am saying? What is before death, which is your life? Right? What is your life? Go to school, college, university, get a job, live, man and woman live together, sex, he goes off to the office, she goes off earning some more money, bear children, pain, anxiety, each man fighting. You’re following? Going to an office for the next fifty years – what a life you lead! This is your life, before death. And you want to know, living such a miserable life, you want to know what is after death. See what you are doing, sirs. I want to weep for you, but it’s no good weeping for you.

Look, sir, actually, when you’re living, as you’re living now, with vigor, with energy, with all the travail of life, as now, can you live now, meeting death now? Please, do you understand my question? Which is, I’m living, and death means an ending to that living. Right? Now can I bring the ending into my living? Have you understood what I am talking about? That is, to live with death all the time. You understand what I am talking about? That is, I’m attached to you; end that attachment. Which is death, isn’t it? I wonder if you see this. I’m greedy, and when you die, you can’t carry greed with you. So end the greed. Not in a week’s time, or ten day’s time – end it, now.

To live before is to live with death. Have you captured something? Which means that you are living in a timeless world. Everything that you acquire, you are ending, so that there is always a tremendous movement, not a certain place you’re fixed. Can you do all this? When you invite death, which means the ending of everything that you hold, dying to it, each day, each minute, then you will find – not ‘you’ will – there is. Then there is that state of a timeless dimension in which the movement as we know as time, is not.

Ojai April 16, 1977 Talk 5

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