The Self - conversation with Drs. Bohm, Hidley and Krause (no K) - Nature of the Mind series #5

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Krause: The mental health professions are fragmented in their approach to the treatment of mental disorders. Various conflicting points of view exist concerning the proper approach to psychotherapy. And the underlying principles from which these methods are drawn are in even greater conflict... Can the mind, the nature of consciousness, its relation to human suffering and the potential for change be understood?
Normally we try to get the image improved, no see it as false. We try to make the self be more effective in some way or other.

Bohm: Yes, well if the self is an image, there’s no point in doing that.
The mind is very dynamic, very fast – faster than thought. The emotional reaction is faster than thought. And other actions may be still faster. So how can thought do anything? By the time it gets there, everything may have changed radically.

The point is to look into the question of the quality of attention that may make insight possible. One notion is that actually insight is an energy beyond thought, not in time, but nevertheless it acts in the nervous system. This insight requires attention, not prejudge beforehand how you are to gather the information. Now is it possible to have this attention which includes thought, feeling, desire, will, physical feelings, what is actually happening as you think. Rather than seeing it happen in time, the whole pattern would unfold in front of you all at once, all the different sides. What will bring this about? That quality of insight would only come from an intense interest and passion. With this feeling of the absolute necessity of a healthy mind, attention goes with great energy into all these things, and from this can arise the insight that may change it all.

Ojai April 18, 1982

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