Is Love part of Consciousness? - Ojai 1984 Talk 4 (French dubbing)

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[Note: this video has a French translation dubbed over K's words]

We should go into the question of what is love. Don’t let’s become sentimental about it, or romantic, but when we say, ‘I love you’, what do we mean by that? When a man, or a woman says to the man, or the man says to the woman, or friends say to each other, ‘I love you’, what does that mean? There is the love of a book, love of a poem, love of sports, love of sex, I love to be famous. We use this word so easily. But we have never, apparently, gone into the full meaning of it, what is it to love? Love, apparently, has become another means of conflict, one loves one’s wife and there is conflict, quarrels, jealousy, antagonism, divorce, and all the pain of that relationship, and the pleasure of it too. So we should go into this question very carefully because that may the solution of all our problems, it may be the one thing when we understand, whether it is in the brain, or outside the brain, whether love is contained in the brain as thought, anxiety, pain, depression, fear, loneliness, the whole content of our consciousness. Is love part of that consciousness? You understand?

We are asking: can thought, which is of time, which is time itself, can that stop? Probably you have never asked this question. Not you stop it by will – that’s silly, you cannot stop thought by will. Will is the essence of desire. So is there thought coming of its own accord to an end? Thought must be used naturally when you drive a car, when you go from here to your house, when you cook, when you wash dishes, and so on, thought must be there. What is the necessity of thought in the psychological world at all? If thought is really understood, all its activities, its beginnings, its origin. Its origin is experience, knowledge, memory stored in the brain, and the reaction to that memory is thought. All this process is limited because knowledge in the future or now is limited. When you see, perceive actually the limitation of thought, not the imagination of it, not the idea of ending, but actually see for yourself that thought, whatever it does, both in the technological world and in the psychological world, will always be limited. When you see the absolute fact of that, and the necessity of thought in a certain area, when you give your total attention to that, then you will find out for yourself thought can end. If you say, ‘What then?’, then you are lost. Then if you say, ‘What is there if thought ends, is there something more?’ – you follow how our brain works? That is, I will see if thought can end if you give me something in return. Right? If thought can end you will find out, there will be something totally different. And this is meditation.

Meditation is not a reward, which is all so childish. Truth is something which is not to be measured, and it has no path to it. And that is beauty, that is love.

Ojai May 24, 1984 Talk 4

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