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Revolutionary Minds
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Consists of six talks that Krishnamurti gave at Indian universities and the Indian Institutes of Technology between the years 1969 and 1984. Krishnamurti's chief concern here is to awaken students to the fact that the pursuit of knowledge does not liberate man from his fundamental ignorance of himself. While knowledge is indispensable, it also creates the illusion that we have the intelligence to meet the challenges of life, and this makes us neglect the vast and subtle field of the human psyche.

Publisher: Krishnamurti Foundation India
Author: J. Krishnamurti
130 pp -paperback

In his first book, Paul Herder tackles Krishnamurti's iconoclastic educational philosophy. Since first being introduced to progressive educational practices in graduate school, Herder has tried to unlock the deeper potential of collaborative, inquiry-based approaches to learning. Education and the Significance of Life is a penetrating inquiry into the nature and requirements of the kind of education which can lead to self-fulfillment and to world peace.
Life Ahead
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A Flame of Learning
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Collected from talks Krishnamurti gave to his students in India, Life Ahead offers short chapters based around life's fundamental questions.
Title: A Flame of Learning - Krishnamurti with Teachers
Publisher: Krishnamurti Foundation India

Author: J.Krishnamurti
205 pp - Paper

"Seeing something very clearly and acting instantly is intelligence. Can we have that intelligence among ourselves first, and then convey it to the student?" - J. Krishnamurti

Many educators and parents have found J.Krishnamurti's insight into the human condition and the nature of learning specially relevant to the education of children. For them and for others who wish to live sanely and wisely in a world of growing confusion, and who wish their children to do the same, this book will be a valued addition to his previous works.

In discussions with teachers at the Brockwood Park School, which he founded in England in 1969, Krishnamurti assumes the role of a person coming to teach in such a school. Frankly and directly, he explores the new teacher's relationship with the school, with his colleagues, and especially with students, questioning the nature of freedom and authority, the source of fear and violence, and the possibility of awakening intelligence and sensitivity to order. In the course of the exploration, they go into the nature of investigation itself and the necessity for clarity of observation and communication.

Above all, Krishnamurti challenges the teachers-and the reader-to look at the need for radical psychological change, and to consider the possibility of such changes in all human beings.

This book presents a series of dialogues in which renowned educator and religious teacher J. Krishnamurti explores with parents and teachers the need for a radical approach to schooling and their intention to establish such a school in the Ojai valley in California.
Insights into Education
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Insights into Education presents the educational philosophy of J. Krishnamurti in an easy to use, topic-based format. It is a practical handbook that comes alive when used as an introduction to group investigation and dialogue. What it offers to teachers everywhere is an inroad into the many matters of concern with which they are faced on a daily basis. That we cannot continue as we have been doing, with rote-learning, fact-finding, and a modicum of analysis as the building blocks of education, is obvious to anyone who is at all concerned with teaching and learning in a world with accelerating technological advancement, alienation, and despair. It is these very issues that are tackled here, sometimes implicitly but always at depth.

Publisher: KFA
Author: J. Krishnamurti
Pages: 250

When you look a little more closely, not only at your own life but also at the world, you will see that what you are- your daily life, what you think, what you feel,- is the external world, the world about you. "The Unconditioned Mind tells a universal story about a truly extraordinary being. Moody draws vivid pictures of Krishnamurti, the people he gathered around him, and the quality of their relationships with him and with one another."