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The Religious Life
Beauty and Meditation
Ending psychological knowledge
Brockwood Park September 6, 1981 Talk 4
What is it that is happening when flowering or unfolding of the whole human being takes place, and how can it be brought about?
(with David Bohm, David Shainberg, Mary Zimbalist and others)
Brockwood Park September 19 1978 Seminar 7 (last)
Problems and the brain
Ending of conflict
Self-interest corrupts
Brockwood Park August 24, 1985 Talk 1
Incorruptible Action
Having Values
Saanen July 10, 1980
Conditioning is Disorder
Living with facts
Saanen July 13, 1980
Seeking security
Seeing the False
Standing alone
Saanen July 14, 1983
Brain and Computers
Conditioning and Memories
Opinions are limited
Saanen July 19, 1983
Living without measurement
Art of listening
Space without limit
Saanen July 21, 1983
Problems and Time
Conflict Destroys Freedom
Words condition the brain
Conflict and health
Saanen July 10, 1984
Simplicity and Complexity
Approaching a Complex Problem
All time is now
What is action
Saanen July 8,1984
Thought Divides
Desire and Thought
Images in relationship
Saanen July 12, 1984
Disorder Can End Now
The Root of Fear
Saanen July 15, 1984
Religious Mind
Creation is Religion
Continuity and Ending
Saanen July 19, 1984
Clarity in Action
The arts of listening, seeing, learning
Saanen July 14, 1977
Seeking Security in Thought
Blocking ourselves
Saanen July 10, 1977
Living Without Authority
No Security in Authority
Patterns and conflict
Inquiring without motive
Saanen July 12, 1977