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Ojai 1972 Talk 2
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Ojai 1977 Talk 6
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Perception is of the highest importance.
Either you perceive through an image, and therefore you don’t perceive at all, or you perceive directly.
The perception which is direct has immediate action, because goodness doesn’t flower in the field of time.
Ojai April 9 1972 Talk 2
When jealousy occurs, when there is no observer, you let it blossom and then end - like a flower that blooms, withers and dies away.
As long as you're fighting it, as long as you're resisting it, or rationalizing it, you're giving life to it.  
We are saying that the observer is the observed. When the observer is the observed, then jealousy blossoms, grows, and naturally dies. And therefore there is no conflict in it.
Ojai April 17, 1977 Talk 6
Action and Time
Living, Dying, Attention
Security, becoming
Ojai May 26 1984
Ojai 1979 Talk 2
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Ojai 1979 Talk 3
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Freedom that is not from something.
The depth of love
Thought and desire
Ojai May 24, 1984 Talk 4
How do we, each one of us, create, or bring about a good society?  
It is only when individuals, or groups of individuals, human beings, are good, in the deep sense of that word, then there is a possibility of bringing about a different society.
Unless we understand ourselves, what we are, and bring about a change in what we are, there can never be a good society.
If you want to discover what you are, and to bring about a change in what you are, you must investigate your own consciousness, your own mind, your own reactions, your way of life.
Ojai April 8 1979 Talk 2
So the fundamental question is: what will change human beings, their quality, their behavior, their deep rooted selfishness and so on, what will change each one?
The revolutions that have been going on in the world have not changed man.  They have modified the environment, they have brought about certain conveniences, comforts, but basically man has remained as he was for the last million years or more.  
So what shall we do?  What is man to do?  What is his responsibility, what is his action?
Ojai April 14 1979 Talk 3
Ojai 1977 Talk 4
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Ojai1979 Talk 4
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Thought and Right Action
We are the world
Ojai May 9, 1981 Talk 3
We are going to talk over together this morning the problem of fear, not only the problem of fear, go into it much more, but also the problem, the question why human beings, throughout the ages, pursue so intensely, pleasure.  Not that it is wrong or right, but why?
Ojai April 10 1977 Talk 4
We human beings, wherever we live, we are incapable of reading the whole story of mankind, which is ourselves.  
Is it possible for us to read this book which has been handed down generation after generation for many, many millennia, to read the story which we are?
As we are the rest of mankind psychologically, and if we know how to read this book, then perhaps we shall be able to alter the course of our lives.
Because that is what we are concerned with, to bring about a radical transformation of the human mind and so bring about a good society: a society where there would be order, peace, some kind of security, some kind of happiness, and go beyond all that, inquiring into that which is immeasurable.
Ojai April 15 1979 Talk 4
We must inquire into what is disorder. From the negating of disorder you come to the positive which is order, not the other way round. It is very important to find out whether desire is not the root of this disorder, which doesn't mean that one suppresses desire, but if one understands the relationship between sensation and the activity of thought capturing that sensation then one can have the sensation but not let thought create the desire.
Ojai April 21 1979 Talk 5
The ending of life is called death. There you cannot argue, you cannot carry over anything, there is total ending of your memories, attachments, and so on.
So one should inquire most seriously if there is an ending - not finding a substitution; not demanding a guarantee that if there is an ending of this, there will be that.
Can all the things which are false, like pride, arrogance, attachment, and the desires, pleasures, and so on, which obviously are not love, can all that end?
Ojai May 15, 1982 Talk 5
What is happening in the world
Fragmentation and the movement of thought
Living without conflict in relationship
Ojai May 14, 1983 Talk 1
What is Disorder?
Acceptance of conflict, division
Choice and clarity
Ojai May 11, 1985 Talk 1
Observing Ourselves and the World
Chaos and action
Violence and division
San Diego April 5, 1970 Talk 1
Observing the Whole of Life
Mind, Experience, freedom and meditation
San Diego April 7, 1970 Talk 3
The quiet mind
San Diego April 9, 1970
Total Action - no contradiction in the inner and the outer.
Total action implies total awareness, listening.
Sex and the pursuit of pleasure
It is a world problem, this problem of human relationship.
Santa Monica March 19, 1972
Freedom, order and discipline
When you compare yourself with somebody else, you’re not only denying your own light, you’re trying to conform to the light of another.

Santa Monica March 25, 1972
A new quality of energy that is not the result of friction.
A different kind of religion in which there is direct perception.
Can thought come to an end but operate when it is necessary?
Meditation is the most extraordinary thing if you know what it is.
Santa Monica March 26, 1972
Meditation and Action
Dying to Psychological Knowledge
An empty and free mind
Ojai May 18 1980
The Analyzer and Conflict
Denial of the false
Love and beauty
Ojai May 9, 1982
Ojai 1977 Talk 1
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Ojai 1977 Talk 2
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Ojai 1977 Talk 3
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What we're going to do together, during these talks, is to penetrate the layers of our consciousness, and investigate whether it is possible to transform the content of our consciousness and out of that a different dimension of energy and clarity may come into being. Part of our consciousness is the demand and the search for psychological security. There is no permanent security. Can you, as a human being see this extraordinary fact, and seeing the fact and the reality of it, free part of that consciousness of the fragment which is the demand, the search for security?
Ojai April 2, 1977 Talk 1
We are asking why human beings live in division, therefore in conflict. Are you aware of your consciousness? If you are aware, then you'll see that your consciousness is in total - I'm using the word 'total' in its absolute sense, not relative sense, in its absolute sense - your consciousness is in total disorder.
Ojai April 3, 1977 Talk 2
We'll go into the question of what is consciousness, the content of consciousness.  And whether that consciousness can be radically transformed. Thought and time, which are both the same, is the basic factor of fear.  And there is no fear when there is only the absolute fact, instantly. That is, can you observe the movement of time as thought which breeds fear?  I am afraid of tomorrow, the fear comes into being when I think what might happen tomorrow.  Or I've had pain yesterday and I don't want to have that pain again, and it might happen and there is fear. So fear is the movement of time and thought.
Ojai April 9, 1977 Talk 3
What is the significance of relationship, the depth of relationship? Shall we go into this question of thought, what is the relationship of thought to experiencing, and what is experiencing without thought? I say to myself, if thought seeks security, is there security in the image? I sought security in my wife, and I have built an image about her, and in that image there is security for me. But it's an image, it's a word, it's a memory. It's such a fragile thing, but yet I hold on to it.
Ojai April 7, 1977 Public Dialogue 2