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The Groove of Knowledge
The Capacity to Listen
Communication from freedom
Emptiness and the source of life
Brockwood Park September 18, 1980
No Security in Isolation
Psychological wounds
Image-making and division
Ojai, April 17, 1982
Psychologists and the Self
The possibility of change
Natural way of living
Ojai, April 16, 1982
Begin with Oneself
Love and Fear
Grief, loss, attachment
Brockwood Park February 12, 1982
The Future of Humanity
The Limited Movement of Thought
The Content of Consciousness and the Self
Achieving, division, knowledge
Freedom from suffering
Brockwood Park, June 11, 1983
The Absolute Mind and the Universe
Emptiness and Movement
Reaction is a material process
Stillness and order
Brockwood Park September, 20 1980
The brain has had many shocks, challenges and pressures upon it, and if it is not capable of renewing or rejuvenating itself, there is very little hope.
Are we saying that knowledge, learning from a center, also withers the brain?
The brain is functioning in a pattern of time.
Brockwood Park June 1, 1980
Whether there is order which man can never possibly conceive?
Many people who would understand that hate and anger are products of the damaged brain would find it hard to see that pleasure also is the product of the damaged brain.
Would you say - I hope this doesn't sound silly - that the universe, the cosmic order, is in meditation? It is in a state of meditation?
Brockwood Park June 7, 1980
Insight that brings order
Love and hatred
Brockwood Park 14th September, 1980
Dr David Bohm-On Dialogue Consideration 1990 THE MAN-MADE MIND & CONDITIONING
The general and the particular
The inner and outer worlds
Love and intelligence
Brockwood Park 16th September, 1980
Relationship of Brain to Mind
Thought Cannot Bring Change
The future of mankind
Silence and intelligence
Brockwood Park June 20, 1983
Krishnamurti with Professor David Bohm Dialogue 05 Brockwood Park England Sept 1980