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Inward Flowering
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Something happens in the course of our life which stultifies us, deadens us, so that there is no deep inward nourishment.' Krishnamurti was invited by Dr. M.R. Raju to speak to the scientists at the National Laboratory Research Center at Los Alamos in New Mexico in March 1984 at a symposium on the subject of 'Creativity in Science.' An illustration of Krishnamurti's manner of inquiry is given in this small book in a series of short question-and-answer sessions with unidentified people who present Krishnamurti with their particular problems or questions of life.

Publisher -KFA
Author/Editor -J. Krishnamurti
Krishnamurti's capacity for acute observation and profound insight shines a light on the causes that brought on, and continue to fuel, the global crisis. This booklet is filled with quotations taken from the photo exhibition J.Krishnamurti and a World in Crisis.
Publisher: Krishnamurti Foundation India. 73 pp - Paperback