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Ojai 1972 Talk 2
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Can Love be experienced? Love is not desire or pleasure. Love is not the opposite of hate. Love has no relationship to jealousy. Love can never bring conflict.
1st Conversation with Iris Murdoch, Brockwood Park, 18th October, 1984
Change implies continuity of 'what is', modified, directional.
Transformation, mutation, total psychological revolution has no direction, is not modified, it is the ending of something.
Ojai April 5 1977 Public Dialogue 1
Perception is of the highest importance.
Either you perceive through an image, and therefore you don’t perceive at all, or you perceive directly.
The perception which is direct has immediate action, because goodness doesn’t flower in the field of time.
Ojai April 9 1972 Talk 2
Ojai 1977 Talk 6
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When jealousy occurs, when there is no observer, you let it blossom and then end - like a flower that blooms, withers and dies away.
As long as you're fighting it, as long as you're resisting it, or rationalizing it, you're giving life to it.  
We are saying that the observer is the observed. When the observer is the observed, then jealousy blossoms, grows, and naturally dies. And therefore there is no conflict in it.
Ojai April 17, 1977 Talk 6
What is intelligence?  Intelligence is the capacity to see the truth that thought is limited.  
How does that capacity come into being. It can only come into being when there is the placing of thought in its right place.
Thought thinks, pretends, imagines, conceives: I can also perceive the whole - but that is not the whole.  
We are saying, the perception of the whole is intelligence.  And how does that perception arise which is intelligence?
Ojai April 14 1977 Public Dialogue 4
Action and Time
Living, Dying, Attention
Security, becoming
Ojai May 26 1984
Ojai 1981 Q&A 1
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Ojai 1979 Talk 2
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Freedom that is not from something.
The depth of love
Thought and desire
Ojai May 24, 1984 Talk 4
Breaking the Pattern of Conditioning
Relationship between the brain and the mind
The image getting hurt
Ojai May 5, 1981 Q&A 1
How do we, each one of us, create, or bring about a good society?  
It is only when individuals, or groups of individuals, human beings, are good, in the deep sense of that word, then there is a possibility of bringing about a different society.
Unless we understand ourselves, what we are, and bring about a change in what we are, there can never be a good society.
If you want to discover what you are, and to bring about a change in what you are, you must investigate your own consciousness, your own mind, your own reactions, your way of life.
Ojai April 8 1979 Talk 2
Ojai 1979 Talk 3
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The Religious Life
Beauty and Meditation
Ending psychological knowledge
Brockwood Park September 6, 1981 Talk 4
So the fundamental question is: what will change human beings, their quality, their behavior, their deep rooted selfishness and so on, what will change each one?
The revolutions that have been going on in the world have not changed man.  They have modified the environment, they have brought about certain conveniences, comforts, but basically man has remained as he was for the last million years or more.  
So what shall we do?  What is man to do?  What is his responsibility, what is his action?
Ojai April 14 1979 Talk 3
Thought and Right Action
We are the world
Ojai May 9, 1981 Talk 3
Ojai 1977 Talk 4
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Ojai1979 Talk 4
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We are going to talk over together this morning the problem of fear, not only the problem of fear, go into it much more, but also the problem, the question why human beings, throughout the ages, pursue so intensely, pleasure.  Not that it is wrong or right, but why?
Ojai April 10 1977 Talk 4
We human beings, wherever we live, we are incapable of reading the whole story of mankind, which is ourselves.  
Is it possible for us to read this book which has been handed down generation after generation for many, many millennia, to read the story which we are?
As we are the rest of mankind psychologically, and if we know how to read this book, then perhaps we shall be able to alter the course of our lives.
Because that is what we are concerned with, to bring about a radical transformation of the human mind and so bring about a good society: a society where there would be order, peace, some kind of security, some kind of happiness, and go beyond all that, inquiring into that which is immeasurable.
Ojai April 15 1979 Talk 4
Moving from lack of justice to an idea of justice. Observing your fragmentation. In attention, thought has no place.
Ojai 15th May, 1980 Q&A 4
We must inquire into what is disorder. From the negating of disorder you come to the positive which is order, not the other way round. It is very important to find out whether desire is not the root of this disorder, which doesn't mean that one suppresses desire, but if one understands the relationship between sensation and the activity of thought capturing that sensation then one can have the sensation but not let thought create the desire.
Ojai April 21 1979 Talk 5
When we talk about education, what do we mean by it?  
Is it the cultivation, not only of knowledge, but also be concerned with the whole total man - or the woman.
What is the function of a teacher, the educator?  What is his relationship to the student?  And what is his relationship to the parent?
There is no division psychologically between the teacher and the student.  Which means the teacher cares for the student - cares in the profound sense of the word.
Ojai April 12 1977 Dialogue 3
What is it that is happening when flowering or unfolding of the whole human being takes place, and how can it be brought about?
(with David Bohm, David Shainberg, Mary Zimbalist and others)
Brockwood Park September 19 1978 Seminar 7 (last)
The ending of life is called death. There you cannot argue, you cannot carry over anything, there is total ending of your memories, attachments, and so on.
So one should inquire most seriously if there is an ending - not finding a substitution; not demanding a guarantee that if there is an ending of this, there will be that.
Can all the things which are false, like pride, arrogance, attachment, and the desires, pleasures, and so on, which obviously are not love, can all that end?
Ojai May 15, 1982 Talk 5
Is it possible to bring about a radical transformation and what are the things that block us?
First of all what do we mean by change?  What do we mean by bringing about a transformation, a mutation in our consciousness?
When we have an object, or an end in view, projected by our own experience, from our own knowledge, from our own belief and conclusions and opinions, such movement is not change at all.
To discover change implies not having any movement towards any direction.  Which doesn't mean you stay in the same place.
Ojai April 19, 1979 4th Public Dialogue
Problems and the brain
Ending of conflict
Self-interest corrupts
Brockwood Park August 24, 1985 Talk 1
Order and Disorder
Consumerism, measurement, comparison
San Diego February 20, 1974
The Pursuit of Pleasure and the Movement of Thought
Beauty, enjoyment, attention, discipline, observation
San Diego, February 21, 1974
Life is really very beautiful. It is not this ugly thing that we have made of it. And you can appreciate its richness, its depth, its extraordinary loveliness only when you revolt against everything, against organized religion, against tradition, against the present rotten society, so that you as a human being find out for yourself what is truth, not to imitate it but to discover.
Problems of Living 1975 - CBC film
The Groove of Knowledge
The Capacity to Listen
Communication from freedom
Emptiness and the source of life
Brockwood Park September 18, 1980
No Security in Isolation
Psychological wounds
Image-making and division
Ojai, April 17, 1982
Mutation of the brain cells
The East and the West
Culture and thought
Perception of facts brings change
Brockwood Park, June 24, 1983
Watching the activity of thought
The art of living is the greatest art
Marriage & Relationship
Silence implies space
Gurus and mantras
Ojai May 17, 1983
Insight and Ending of Thought
Love is not something to be asked for
Dependence means one has no love
Repetitive action
Saanen July 24, 1983
Selections of K and students describing the life and intent of the Brockwood Park school.
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