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Beyond Violence
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On God
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On Relationship
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Violence is 'like a stone' dropped in a lake: the waves spread and spread; at the centre is the "me." As long as the "me" survives in any form, very subtly or grossly, there must be violence,' says Krishnamurti in these talks and discussions which, apart from dealing with the problem of individual and collective violence, also contain frequent references to what is and what is not the religious mind.
This book contains authentic reports of public talks and discussions held in 1970 in Santa Monica, San Diego, London, Brockwood Park (England) and Rome.

Author: J.Krishnamurti
Krishnamurti points out that the God we have created is out of our projections and fears. He explains that true religion and the sacred have nothing to do with such conceptions of thought. Providing a far-reaching basis for solving many of the world's crises, this book brings together Krishnamurti's most essential teachings on the individual's relationship to other people and institutions.
On Love and Loneliness
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On Fear
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On Conflict
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Krishnamurti distinguishes between love and sex, pleasure, attachment, and dependency. He suggests that true aloneness, to be whole, denies loneliness. There is no new mind if the past is always operating. That is a fact, I see that. Then in seeing that I realize I am frightened. I don't know what will happen. So I want to learn about fear - you follow? I am moving all the time in the movement of learning. I want to know about myself and I realize something - a profound truth. Is it possible to live a life without conflict in the modern world, with all the strain, struggle, pressures, and influences in the social structure? That is really living, the essence of a mind that is inquiring seriously.
On Living and Dying
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On Krishnamurti's Teachings
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his theme book, through excerpts from Krishnamurti's talks and dialogues. Gives a radically different insight into the nature of death and the inter-relationship between it and life and love. The collected writings, talks and classroom discussions of Allan W. Anderson on the teachings of J. Krishnamurti.