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This is one in a series of fourteen lectures by the unique teacher and world-wide lecturer J. Krishnamurti who invites you to confront inner reality and thus find a richer life. The topic for today is ‘Understanding Detachment’. The Root of Psychological Conflict (EOT 1) Cosmic Order (EOT 10)
The Liberation of Insight (EOT 11) The Intelligence of Love (EOT 12) The Ending of Psychological Knowledge (EOT 13)
The Mind on the Universe (EOT 14)
"Can the mind be completely empty of all the things which thought has put together?"
Brockwood Park, 20th September, 1980
Can Personal Problems be Solved and Fragmentation End? (EOT 15) Cleansing the Mind of the Accumulation of Time (EOT 2)
Why has Man Given Supreme Importance to Thought? (EOT 3) Breaking the Pattern of Ego-Centered Activity (EOT 4) The Ground of Being, and the Mind of Man (EOT 5)
Can Insight Bring About a Mutation of the Brain Cells? (EOT 6) Death Has Very Little Meaning (EOT 7) Can Insight be Awakened in Another? (EOT 8)
Senility and the Brain Cells (EOT 9)