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Can Humanity Change?

Discussions between Krishnamurti and a group of Buddhist scholars provide a unique opportunity to see what this great teacher had to say about Buddhist teachings.

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Krishnamurti's Notebook (sb)

In this unique volume Krishnamurti lets us into the private world of his states of consciousness. Written as a diary, detailing his travels, the day-by-day account moves with breathtaking swiftness from the sights and sounds of his immediate environment to those moments of bliss variously described as “immensity,” “benediction,” or “the otherness.” We are also privy to what Krishnamurti calls “the process.”

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Is Love part of Consciousness? - Ojai 1984 Talk 4 (French dubbing)

Freedom that is not from something.
The depth of love
Thought and desire
Ojai May 24, 1984 Talk 4

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A Wholly Different Way of Living
(Conversations with Professor Allan W. Anderson)

Krishnamurti met with Professor Allan W. Anderson in 1974 for eighteen one-hour conversations which, because of their amiable rapport, has become a favorite source for many people endevoring to study the entire scope of Krishnamurti's teachings.

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The Ending of Time (New Edition)

The topics include: The Roots of Psychological Conflict; Cleansing the Mind of the Accumulation of Time; and Breaking the Pattern of Ego-centered Activity.

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Washington DC Talks

Although Krishnamurti had spoken for many years in the United States, he had never given public talks in Washington, D.C. In 1985 he agreed to do so and met on two days in April of that year with large audiences from diverse backgrounds.

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What Is Love - Ojai 1977 Talk 5

When there is fear, is there love?  
When there is the mere pursuit of pleasure, is there love?
Is love pleasure and desire, or has it nothing whatsoever to do with fear, pleasure and desire?
Ojai April 16, 1977 Talk 5

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Madras 1981/82 Talk 5

Whether it is possible to live a life in which there is not a shadow of conflict, living in the present world.
Our life can be compared to the ebb and flow of a sea. We are asking whether that, the outer and the inner, whether that movement ever has a stop.
The art of listening, the art of seeing and the art of learning.
Madras January 9, 1982 Talk 5

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Madras 1981/82 Talk 6

What is a religious mind?
What is intelligence?
When you follow a system, a method, your brain which is already mechanical, you make it still further mechanical.
There must be complete freedom.
There is no concentration. Concentration is the controller trying to concentrate. So in meditation there is no controller.
Madras January 10, 1982 Talk 6

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The Turning Point

"The Turning Point" set contains 10 multi-regional DVDs from Krishnamurti's talks at Saanen in 1981. Follow Krishnamurti as he weaves through the topics of consciousness, conflict, love, control and freedom. Listening to a complete series of talks by Krishnamurti allows the viewer to take a journey along a path of insight where Krishnamurti slowly brings the listener to face himself by asking life altering question.

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Teachings of JK and Links with Drama and Theater

Teachings of JK and Links with Drama and Theater

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The Mind on the Universe - Dialogue 14 with Prof David Bohm [1980 - Ending of Time series - audio]

The Mind on the Universe (EOT 14)
"Can the mind be completely empty of all the things which thought has put together?"
Brockwood Park, 20th September, 1980

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Ojai 1977 Talk 3

We'll go into the question of what is consciousness, the content of consciousness.  And whether that consciousness can be radically transformed. Thought and time, which are both the same, is the basic factor of fear.  And there is no fear when there is only the absolute fact, instantly. That is, can you observe the movement of time as thought which breeds fear?  I am afraid of tomorrow, the fear comes into being when I think what might happen tomorrow.  Or I've had pain yesterday and I don't want to have that pain again, and it might happen and there is fear. So fear is the movement of time and thought.
Ojai April 9, 1977 Talk 3

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The Ending of Time, MP3

These dialogues between J Krishnamurti and physicist David Bohm began in the spring of 1980 in Ojai, California. They are an exploration into the conflicts in human activity and our relationships to the world.

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Can Fear Be Completely Wiped Away? - Conversation with Ronald Eyre

Time and Freedom from fear
Life, death and ending
Creation and knowledge
Brockwood Park, June 24, 1984

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Santa Monica March 26, 1972 Talk 4

A new quality of energy that is not the result of friction.
A different kind of religion in which there is direct perception.
Can thought come to an end but operate when it is necessary?
Meditation is the most extraordinary thing if you know what it is.
Santa Monica March 26, 1972

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The Real Revolution (DVD)

he talks and writings of Krishnamurti cannot be limited to a single category such as religion or philosophy. Unquestionably Krishnaurti is one of the more challenging and creative man of our time for his profound insights into the realities of the human condition. This series of eight programs represents the first time that Krishnamurti has permitted his talks to be filmed. In this talk, the subject of which is meditation, Krishnamurti continues his exploration of the "real revoltion", a radical change in ourselves.

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2nd Dialogue, Brockwood Park, England, 25th June 1983

Conversations with Pupul Jayakar

Is there, or can there be, in the human brain a space without end, an eternity out of time? The mind is a wholly different dimension which has no contact with thought. The brain, that part of the brain which has been functioning as an instrument of thought, that brain has been conditioned. As long as that part of the brain remains in that state there is no communication with the mind. Insight is possible only when there is cessation of thought and time. If there is a verbal sound, I am not listening, I am only understanding the words. But you want to convey to me something much more than the words. The psyche is a bundle of memories and those memories are dead. They operate, they function, but they are the outcome of past experience, which is gone. I am a movement of memories. If I have an insight into that, I am nothing, there is nothing. I don�t exist. The ending of the movement which is the psyche, which is time-thought, the ending of that is to be nothing. Nothing then contains the whole universe � not my petty little fears, anxieties, problems, sorrow. After all, nothing means the entire world of compassion.

Duration: 66 minutes
Date: 25 June 1983
Region Code: all regions
Subtitles: English, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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What is Materialism - Dialogue 14 with Prof David Bohm [ 1980 - Ending of Time series]

The Absolute Mind and the Universe
Emptiness and Movement
Reaction is a material process
Stillness and order
Brockwood Park September, 20 1980

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9th Dialogue, Brockwood Park, England, 1th June 1980

The ending of time

Is the human brain deteriorating?

The human brain is not a particular brain, it doesnt belong to me or to anyone else, it is the human brain which has evolved for millions of years.

Can the brain not only be aware of its own movement but can the brain itself have enough energy to break all patterns and move out of it?

Is psychological knowledge not in itself a factor of the shrinking of the brain?

The ending of suffering comes about when the self, which is built up through time, is no longer there.

If there is an insight into the nature of time the very brain cells which are part of time break down. The brain cells mutate, bring about a change in themselves.

Meditation is insight.

Duration: 90 minutes
Date: 1 June 1980
Region Code: all regions
Black & White

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Cosmic Order - Dialogue 10 with Prof David Bohm [ 1980 - Ending of Time series]

Whether there is order which man can never possibly conceive?
Many people who would understand that hate and anger are products of the damaged brain would find it hard to see that pleasure also is the product of the damaged brain.
Would you say - I hope this doesn't sound silly - that the universe, the cosmic order, is in meditation? It is in a state of meditation?
Brockwood Park June 7, 1980

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Freedom From the Self - Brockwood Park 1983 Talk 3

Time-Thought and Fear
Sorrow of Mankind
Ending of the 'Me'
Brockwood Park September 3, 1983

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Madras 1981/82 Talk 3

An action without a cause is eternal.
Thought is the cause of disorder.
To learn about fear is the ending of fear.
Madras January 2, 1982 Talk 3

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Rishi Valley 1982 3rd Talk with Students

Deconditioning of the Brain
The major cause of deterioration is conflict
Find out if you can live without conflict. If you do, then you are out of it.
Rishi Valley December 16, 1982 3rd Talk with Students

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Extracts, , , 19th 97

Beyond myth & tradition

We are like the rest of the world. It is a vast endless river. And when we die well be like the rest, moving in the same stream as before, when we were living. But the man who understands himself radically, who has resolved all the problems in himself psychologically, he is not of that stream. He has stepped out of it. Death is now, when there is no time, when there is no me becoming something, when there is no self-interest, egotistic activity which is all the process of time. So living and dying are together always. And you dont know the beauty of it. Beyond Myth and Tradition is a twelve-part series made by the Krishnamurti Foundation of America. Each programme focuses on a particular aspect of life and presents relevant excerpts from Krishnamurti's Talks and Discussions filmed at different times around the world. Produced and Directed by Evelyn Blau and Michael Mendizza (The Challenge of Change), this series offers a very good introduction to Krishnamurti's teachings, whilst also conveying their scope, depth and relevancy in today's world.

Duration: 30 minutes
Date: 1997
Region Code: all regions
Subtitles: English, Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak

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The Revolution from Within

Providing a far-reaching basis for solving many of the world's crises, this book brings together Krishnamurti's most essential teachings on the individual's relationship to other people and institutions.

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Senility and the Brain Cells - Dialogue 9 with Prof David Bohm [ 1980 - Ending of Time series]

The brain has had many shocks, challenges and pressures upon it, and if it is not capable of renewing or rejuvenating itself, there is very little hope.
Are we saying that knowledge, learning from a center, also withers the brain?
The brain is functioning in a pattern of time.
Brockwood Park June 1, 1980

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Why are we Discontent? (Real Revolution CD Series - Disc 9)

Disc 9:

Krishnamurti examines discontentment, proposing questions to unravel the riddle of this deep seated emotion. He speaks about the psychological pull between what is and what should be pointing towards awareness as the gatekeeper to understandin.

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Attention is like a Fire - Ojai 1984 Talk 3 (French dubbing)

Action and Time
Living, Dying, Attention
Security, becoming
Ojai May 26 1984

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The End of Fear (Real Revolution CD Series - Disc 6)

Disc 6:

“Effort exists only when there is contradiction – contradiction within, though there is contradiction without which can be understood, tolerated, and perhaps gone beyond. But there is this inward contradiction of various competing, contradictory desires; and it is these contradictory desires that bring about conflict .

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4th Public Talk, Saanen, Switzerland, 18th July 1982

Is there an intelligence which has no cause?

What is each one of us trying to do, achieve or gain? What is it we want? Is it the nature of human beings psychologically to become something? Can the condition of man be transformed without time? What is it to be lonely? Thought is limited and cannot possibly examine that which is limitless. Is there a way of observation which is not the instrument of thought? Is there an observation without the past? It is not your fear or my fear, it is fear. If you are nationalistic or bound to a certain religion or dogma, you are the enemy of the whole of mankind. When you give complete and total attention to the cause, what happens? The very light of attention dispels the cause and so there is a total ending. To look without any movement of thought.

Duration: 73 minutes
Date: 18 July 1982
Region Code: all regions
Subtitles: none
Black & White

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